Aroma SuperStore Reviews are in and they are not good

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Aroma SuperStore Review
The Aroma SuperStore is one of the worst herbal incense websites out there.

Not only do they have very slow load times with their website, but they also don’t have any products worth the wait. All of their blends are fake and poorly made.

Expect a lot of hotspots when you are buying from this vendor, and don’t expect your herbal incense to be consistent. One bag may be very weak, while others could be dangerously over-saturated.

A lot of people never even receive a package when they buy from the Aroma Super Store, but that is debated online. I personally have received a few different shipments from them, and while they come excruciatingly slow, they normally show up.

There isn’t anything to exciting or positive to say about these guys in this review, and there are definitely better alternatives to buy your incense.

That is why Aroma Super Store 2 crushing the Aroma Super Store because the Aroma Super store 2 has new owners better products check out our aroma blends below


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3 thoughts on “Aroma SuperStore Reviews are in and they are not good

  1. Savannah says:

    The above review is complete 100% true. I am a regular customer with, and not only is the shipping lightning fast, but the products are fresh, and top quality. It is a shame that other competitors try and bash aroma superstore, seems mainly out of jealousy…

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