Aroma SuperStore Weak products

Actually chat log of an Aroma Superstore customer tired of weak products…

10/03/16 – 12:25 pm Visitor hello so I have been recently thinking about changing my insurance provider I just ordered some incense liquid incense and I was wondering how are the deals going that you have
10/03/16 – 12:26 pm Lorena insurance provider?
10/03/16 – 12:26 pm Lorena we have buy one get one free here
10/03/16 – 12:27 pm Lorena theres an example shown on the page
10/03/16 – 12:27 pm Visitor because the recently incense liquid that I have just purchased was very very weak and I would just like to know cuz I got it for 70% off what kind of deals you are offering
10/03/16 – 12:28 pm Lorena we have many deals to offer and all of our products are very strong
10/03/16 – 12:28 pm Visitor thank you. I will be ordering from you now.
10/03/16 – 12:29 pm Lorena Awesome I will put some free samples in your order. Just let me know what your order number is and I will add take care now.
10/03/16 – 12:28 pm Visitor thank you I will. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Aroma SuperStore Weak products

  1. Nicholas Barnes says:

    bullshit aroma will tell you mail in payments are 100% secure but they are liars and will avoid your call and everythin when you send a money order to them . don’t trust them

  2. jeremy haas says:

    im confused about wich is the aroma superstore who made its own packaging and blends ,and all acetone free.then they went to hell by putting synthetic opiates on everything and now they gone and did u buy them out cuz they put a whole town in hospital u could put in charchole burner.just the aroma cumming off can make u feel strange and just not right or in right ratio. i ran my own till 2 years ago.but sent costomers that needed it to the bogo site or u guys since only thing i got bad was disobey it was molded and worthless pure damiana.

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