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Finding a trust worthy authorized herbal incense store is one challenge and receiving the order carefully is another challenge. Anyone who has ever ordered a herbal incense product online or mailed a pack up to a friend has likely had themselves at least one horrific delivery experience. Especially when it comes to herbal incense it has to be delivered with high care and without losing its aroma. The herbal incense packing must be air-tight with perfect seal so it won’t lose its quality. Moreover the order has to be delivered in right time to the right place without any delays.

At aroma super store our discreet shipping process allows us to deliver your product overnight in excellent packing that is super sealed and air-tight. We make sure you won’t even lose a single gram of it with our discreet shipping process.

Step 1:   CHECKING

All The herbal incense products packs will be thoroughly checked inside & outside from pack and all the foreign matter prior to preservation.


Preservation is made as per the manufacturing specifications.

Step 3:   PACKING

The decision of the packing sort and the prerequisite of specific securities rely on upon Qualities of the material to be stuffed, it’s dealing with prerequisites.

All solid wood, utilized for packing and/or stowage ought to be dealt with as indicated by the global standard most latest version. As these rules are same for all customers, the strategy is to be met for the customer location of final destination.

The quality of pressing might give maximum protection against damage, leakage during transport, storage and multiple handling, including taking care of by e.g. hoist and lifting products.

Where required, steel- or synthetic strap shall be used. The strap shall never be nailed. If waterproofed packing is required, cases including the cover shall be internally lined with a strong type of waterproof paper or plastic foil. The bottom will be executed water-tight.


The ID mark must be as per the last pressing rundown; no less than one reference must be appeared on the packing list.



The purpose behind the checking is to recognize the bundles and detail the weight to guarantee productive and remedy dealing with during transport and upon arrival at destination. All bundles might be stamped or named as per the information appeared in the pressing list.


A shipping advice is to be sent in advance by express mail or by fax to the address indicated in the

  1. Purchase Order or Contract number
  2. Aroma Superstore Material Identification number
  3. Number of packages and their contents
  4. Dimensions (in cm),
  5. Weights, gross and net in kg,
  6. Full delivery address
  7. Scheduled date of dispatch


As a final step the product will be shipped to the buyers address (that was provided as delivery address in the order form) with Aroma Superstore owned transportation. Our shipping process ends once the pack reaches to the customer in fine packing.

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