Aromasuperstore Going out of Business

Very hard to say but the Aromasuperstore will be shutting their doors at the end of this month. We selling off all remaining aroma stock at below wholesale prices. Thank you for the many years of orders and money you have given to the Aromasuperstore and we want to thank all of the people that helped us get here.

The Aromasuperstore took over other peoples websites and customers to build a brand of aroma products that were different than anyone else. We achieved this even through we had little or no idea what we were doing at the time. We experimented with our customers and products until we got it right. We want to thank our customers for allowing us to do this on their dime.

If the Aromasuperstore was a good resource for your then I can recommend other Aroma Stores online that offer great aroma products and a good price. No they are not going to give them away like we advertised but they will supply you with amazing aroma blends from people that actually know what they are doing in this business. Again thank you for all of your money



11 thoughts on “Aromasuperstore Going out of Business

    • MelindaJ says:

      Thank you Tracy. There are just too many other people that we can no longer compete with. We will be open till the end of the month unless something amazing happens.

  1. Kelly cpoksey says:

    I just contacted you earlier before I realized you were closing.. I placed a 50 bottle order a few weeks ago, then 10 bottles but all and all I am still one bottle short please advise, you fogot to send it the 2nd time

  2. Go get bent says:

    I am so sorry to see you go. I guess I will have to go to The Aroma Republic or some other website now. I heard good things about the Republic they have a royal club. I will check that out

  3. jeremy haas says:

    you r a second before court for using 2 chems that when used will make u pass out while italmost killed me in ventilated room it stopped my heart it was a chem in in that was not cannabanoid but opiat style closed indole cheap shit.that was just start i whosaled to 2 gas stations it was like dominoes deaths 2 comas two many 2 count. u r no1 compared to the republic they dont need u to kill there good name much less the outlet u know nothing of u pieces of shit that also owe me monet and a 5 gram bag..

  4. jeremy haas says:

    still waiting for a five gram they were short on or just dont like me. iether way it was bizarro hypnotic and they owe me money i just blew off like a bad bag but i cant xept mail that says aroma superstore it is a red flag and its a bad name here so since this is all really the kings movin the REPUBLIC to clean up there trash.since i was told buy the crypt all should be coming as republic or traders… so if u axcually do something for once please get me my sack but a zensence bag i dont trust HOLLIES CREATIONS before her firing. he used acetone from then on just bought cheapest we got a jwh mixed with closed indole opiate. so i need to know on the real packs wat order says when it comes i want bundles again …

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