Aroma superstore Mega Sale in Progress

In the race to win customers all the Herbal Incense companies use mega sale strategy, and there is no price difference between normal sale products and mega sale products and the quality also very disappointing. This was my opinion before going to the Aroma Superstore Mega sale.  But now I change my opinion about Aroma Superstore Mega Sale Offers. And I strongly recommend you all to experience the true offers of Aroma Superstore Mega Sale that is still in progress. brings Mega Sale on branded herbal incense with fares starting at $10* and the coupon code is herb420. This is a thirty days offer valid from last week. Offers are up to 70%, 50% and 30% on each branded product. I have never seen such amazing lowest prices on original herbal incense brands with any other herbal incense company. Aroma superstore is a largest authorized & licensed herbal incense store in United States. Aroma Superstore Mega sale new coupon code herb420 saves 50% of buyers money. And additionally buyer gets free coupons for their net purchase.

Here are the regular prices of one bundle which contain Bizarro Lime 10g, Bob Marley 10g, Mad Monkey 4g, and Bizarro Exotic Blueberry 4g.

Each product individual cost is

Bizarro Lime 10g = $69.99

Bob Marley 10g = $59.99

Mad Monkey 4g = $29.99

Bizarro Exotic Blueberry 4g = $30.00

Actual total cost = $69.99 + $59.99 + $29.99 + $30.00 = $189.97

On mega sale get this bundle @ $99.00, so buyer can save $90.97.

The Top Brands which are involved in Mega Sale are as below:

  • 24k Monkey
  • 7H Blue, 7h Blueberry, 7h Cloud 9 and 7H Hydro
  • Ak-47 Black Out, Ak-47 Black Gold
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Am-hi-c Atomic Bomb
  • Amsterdam Attic Maple
  • Angry Birds, Angry Birds Evolution
  • Bizarro, Bizarro Cherry, Bizarro Hypnatic, Bizarro Lemonlime, Bizarro Strawberry
  • Black Diamond
  • Caution Yellow
  • Crazy Monkey
  • Geeked Up
  • Get Real Blueberry
  • Hammer Head
  • Klimax 15xxx Double Apple, Klimax Potpourri 15xxx Bubble Gum
  • Mad Monkey
  • Mind Trip II Gen
  • Mr Big Shot Barbados Blitz, Mr Big Shot Bermuda Triangle
  • Nice Guy Shamrocks
  • OMG (4g)
  • Scooby Snax Kush
  • VooDoo

And the best part of Aroma Superstore mega sale is: all major credit cards are accepted and COD option is available…

So what are you waiting for? Find the best deals on top brands and know which brands are on Sale. Have a look at the products, select your choice and place an order, that’s it! Aroma Superstore can deliver your orders super quickly with perfect packing. If you require any help the company call center is promptly accessible. One of the team members would help you over online Chat or you can essentially leave your telephone number so they would get back to you. Hurry! Shop and Order your favorite herbal incenses before the offer expires.

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